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My_Paying_Ads; My Strategy Empty My_Paying_Ads; My Strategy

Post by selina9 on Fri Jun 10, 2016 8:17 pm

My Paying Ads , One of the most successful and sustainable advertising revenue share company. The admin of the company Dr. Uday Nara(Originally from India) is from an Engineering Backgroundand a PHD settled in Singapore.

#What I checked about the Company before joining and  What made me join :

Initially I was extremely skeptical on joining this program but after doing a lot of research and going through a lot of positive reviews finally I decided to join My Paying Ads and finally joined the program on 12th January, 2016. Before joining the program I was doing Affiliate Marketing. I also tried my luck with some Revenue Share companies before but miserably failed with those companies due to the dishonest attitude and approach of the Admins. I did a lot of research before joining the company (MPA). This point must get the special mention in My Paying Ads Review. I’ve checked the Alexaranking of this site and the result came out as above. The Global Ranking of the site is 2986 which is extremely good decide on how much popularity the site is gaining. I’ve gone through numerous reviews, reviews after reviews and believe me friends; I did not leave with a single review which portrayed anything negative about the company. This is one of the most important reasons why I decided to join the company.

#Let’s get into My Paying Ads Review and Have a look in detail about the Company :

Name of The Company: My Paying Ads (Visit the Official Website)

Admin: Dr. Uday Nara (Nalam Satyanarayana)

Launch Date: 30th March, 2015

Total Number of Members: 148912 (Increasing every day)

#How the Program works :

This is an advertising revenue share company that offers advertising packs (Ad Packs).

There are four AdPacks plans available: 

Ad-Pack Plan-1    
With this plan, you will get 2 PPC Banner Clicks and 100 Website Credits. The cost would be $5 and returns up to 120%. 

Ad-Pack Plan-2
With this plan, you will get 4 PPC Banner Clicks and 200 Website Credits. The cost would be $10 and returns up to 120%. 

Ad-Pack Plan-3
With this plan, you will get 10 PPC Banner Clicks and 500 Website Credits. The cost would be $25 and returns up to 120%. 

Ad-Pack Plan-4
With this plan, you will get 20 PPC Banner Clicks and 1000 Website Credits. The cost would be $50 and returns up to 120%. 

IMPORTANT:  You have to click 10 ads every 24 hours to keep your share earnings rolling. This is not a big deal I guess as it takes only 2 minutes to do that.

#My Paying Ads Strategy :

The best strategy which I’m following and almost everyone in the group is following to get the maximum output is, try to purchase as many shares as you can. This is the Basic strategy, but still every member has got his personal strategy for his own as well as for his team applying which they’re producing excellent results and earning lots of money out of this program.

#My Paying Ads Advantages :

1. Adding Funds amount is very Low - You can start your journey with My Paying Ads with an amount which is as little as $5 which is within the reach of everyone I suppose. Though I started my account with $25.

2. Low Cashout - The minimum cash out is $5 which is also very good in contrast to the other revshare companies that do not allow to cash out unless you reach a certain amount ($50 in most of the cases).

3. Maximum Cashout ($750) a Day - The maximum pay-out is $750 per day which is really extremely high. You can not see any other revshare company which allows members to withdraw such a big amount. And believe me or not I’ve seen many proofs of payments ($750) in the Facebook Group everyday which is extremely inspiring and shows the potential of the program and the honesty of Admin of the company.

4. Different Payment Processors - My Paying Ads supports various payment processors to make it easier for the members to withdraw from and add funds to their accounts. It accepts Payza , 2Pay4You , Bitcoin , PerfectMoney , SolidTrustPay.

5. Extremely fast processing of Payments - Another great thing about My Paying Ads is its fast payout processing. It takes less than 24 hours to reach your money to your Paypal account (my case). In the rarest cases it may take less than 48 hours.

6. Membership is Free - There is no membership fee. It’s absolutely Free to join. Just join the program for free and start purchasing ad packs and earn money on a regular and healthy basis.

#Some other ways of earning :

1. Referral Commission - Apart from earning from ad packs there is also an opportunity to earn commission by referring people to the program. Every person you refer to the program through your affiliate link, you earn 10% commission on every purchase that your referral makes which is an unique feature of My Paying Ads.

2. Paid-to-View Ads - Another easy way to earn some additional income from My Paying Ads is by viewing paid ads (though this earning is relatively very low). You just have to click the ads and wait for few seconds to get the earning credited to your account.

#My Final Opinion on My Paying Ads Review :

Is My Paying Ads Scam? My answer is “NO”. In fact this might be the most Legit revshare program you will find all across the web on today’s date. I’ve seen very good results within the couple of days of joining the program. And till date by applying my own strategy and planning I’m moving forward very steadily and my growth with My paying Ads is quite steady and healthy.

Join on My Paying Ads -

N.B. - If IP problem appears during registration , use IP changer software.


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