UseClix is the new PTC site

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UseClix is the new PTC site

Post by mikec7 on Tue Jul 28, 2015 7:12 pm

UseClix is the new PTC site, in only a few days there are already many who talk about the great future that awaits this new PTC site. Useclix is registered under the company registered with the nombreUseClix LLC based in USA and everything seems to indicate that it is legally constituted. This PTC has a custom script apparently with a serious and elegant design. Right now count as payment processors to PayPal, AlertPay and Neteller which is very good seeing PayPal is having problems with most PTC sites.

Payment Methods

Paypal Payza Neteller

To start working and making money watching ads you should go to "Earn Option -> Views Ads"
Another way to make this web is trying their luck with grid use, this method is to click on different coordinates with 20 attempts. There are many users who are lucky to click where it is and will earn $ 5: D to go to UseGrid must click on "Earn Option and then UseGrid"

1. Strategy for Useclix with Zero Investment

This is a new and hot website. The main income of the PTC sites is rented and direct referrals. After making an account you need to you need to click your ads daily. Useclix will give you daily ads to cli ck. Click all ads daily to earn some money. In one week or so you will have $ 0.6 in your earning balance and then you will be able to rent 3 referrals. Each referrals cost you $.2 and its validity is for 30 days. Once you rent a referral for 30 days it will give you $0.1 profit in 30 days. Let say after 30 days you will have $0.9 referrals income from 3 referrals. Now repeat this process whenever you have enough money in your account.

Try to rent more and more referrals. You can also extend referrals before the expiry and it is recommended as it will give you 30% discount on 240 days extension and it will save your cost. Also note that if you will buy premium membership it will double your income.
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