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Post by danides on Sat Jan 23, 2016 1:24 pm

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Entering into the draw:
By registering, the House Name/Number and Street Address that you entered during registration is added to the pool from which winners are picked at random. This ensures that there is always at least 1 winner.

Time of Draw:
The daily draw is made each day at midnight GMT

Prize Money Rolls Over:
Winners have 1 day to claim a winning daily draw. Should a user fail to claim a win within the 1 day time limit then the prize fund rolls over to the next draw.

How to collect:
When you win, a 'claim button' will become available. Click the 'claim' button to claim your win. Payment will usually be made within 24 hours, to the PayPal, Payza account you have chosen.

A confirmation email will be sent when payment has been made.

Chances to Win:
When you first register your address is added to the pool once.

Each day that you check back to see if you have won we will add your address to the pool again, this increases your chance to win.

When you do win we will reset your chances back to 1.

Referring friends:
Anyone that signs up to The Street Lottery through your personal referral link will become your referral for the term of your registration. Winning you a bonus 20% of what your referrals win from daily draws.

Referral Wins:
On the 'referrals page' a table will be displayed if one of your referrals wins. Should that referral claim their win a claim button will become available to you on the 'referral page'. .

Should your referral not claim their win within the 1 day limit then you will not be able to claim the referral commission due to the prize money rolling over to the next day's draw.

Monthly draw:
On the 1st of each month, unclaimed referral commissions are totalled and put into a monthly draw.

All users that have logged in and checked to see if they have won every day during the previous month are automatically added to the draw and 1 winner is picked at random.

How much can we win:
As more and more people register with The Street Lottery, we will increase the daily draw prize money.

Draws with no winner claiming that day will rollover to the next day's draw.

In which countries is the draw available?
The Street Lottery is available in any country where users can have an account with PayPal, Payza.

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Post by danides on Fri Feb 05, 2016 6:04 pm

The Street Lottery is a free draw and will remain a free draw.
Once registered you are automatically entered into each draw.
You only need to check back once each day to see if you have won, and claim the win if you have.

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