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the best ptc for me: clixsense

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the best ptc for me: clixsense Empty the best ptc for me: clixsense

Post by Annie90 on Mon Sep 21, 2015 3:09 pm

Hello, I'm new. I wanted to tell you about Clixsense, a site that has existed for a long time and that I use for more than a year.

Earnings are swift, accurate payments and the payout is only $ 8 (6 for premium).

as you gain?

As in almost all PTC he earns with ads, the difference is that on this site are well paid, if they are always so many $ 0.01

then you can earn in so many other ways, visiting websites, playing games for a few minutes, making the task (there is no limit) They are paid from 0.01 to 0.70 each.

Clixsense does not pay for the new ref, but by a rate of 5% the amount for each survey offers or task  the ref complete (10% for premium).

$ 1.00 for the first $ 10.00 earned by your ref ( 2,00$ for the first 5,00$ for premium)

1,00$ if your ref makes the upgrade ( 2,00$ for premium)
and other money for ads etc.

the payout is 8 $ pay day is Wednesday with neteller, paytoo, payza or paypal.

the site is really good but I can not explain better, because I do not speak English well.
I will have earned $ 800.00 in a year with only 4 ref (I can just load the photo) and the site is for the most part in English.

I hope I wase clear, sorry for my English.


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