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The site NEOBUX, Principle:

Neobux is a site which makes it possible to earn money each time a publicity is viewed, the advantage compared to other PTC (Paid-To-Click = Pay-For-To click) is the possibility of renting godsons directly on the site to multiply its profits.

It is important to know that you can rent much godsons, but the key of the success is to manage to manage the rented godsons. You can rent godsons each weeks or stop renting some to make increase your profits. You are not obliged to follow my strategy or the strategy of other members of the forum, you can find yours! It is also possible, if you wish it, to invest a small amount of money in order to accelerate the profitability of your account. A thing is certain, nothing obliges you there and patience is very important.

The best means of earning money on Neobux is to obtain godsons, they can be direct or rented. The direct godsons can be obtained with your link of sponsorship (available after 30 days of activity on the site), they are the most profitable godsons because there is no cost of hiring to take into account in the cost-benefit analysis. The rented godsons will be allotted to you by the site randomly for period a 30 days and 0.20$ by godsons will cost you (no required investment, your personal clicks on the advertisements will be enough). Certain godsons will be active and others not, you can recycle them if you decide that they are not active enough with your taste (manual recycling will cost you 0.07$), you can also wait until your godson is inactive during 14 days and the site will recycle free and automatic your godson by another.

Your principal goal is to obtain a maximum of rented godsons, as well as the statute “Ultimate”. Recall, patience is very important, Neobux will allow you not to gain enormously money with beginning, this site is based on patience and management (as a company which grows gradually), to have a good strategy will be also an asset.

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