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Post by milankelo on Sun Mar 27, 2016 12:30 pm

welcome to

Instant cashout to Paypal or Payza

1 USD minimum payout for premium and 2 USD for standard member.

Referral earnings up to 100 percent depending on membership.

Up to 0.01 per click and referral click.

Start as premium from 1USD per upgrade

Paying since 11/2015, we didnt missed any payment

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I am offering:

1000 ad links for 3USD

10000 banner ads for 3 USD

1000 paid emails for 9USD

25000 Featured Ad Views for 7.5 USD

1 Month Feature ad link for 4.5USD

We have no bots, just active members.

Hello owners.

I am offering you clicks exchange in

Main PTC link for every member for one link on your site.

Mail to


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